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Taking a stand and supporting retailers, brands, and missions is very important to 9 Months of Chic. We are striving to make a positive social and environmental impact and in doing so, we wanted to share some very helpful and educational resources this way we can stay informed about our fashion industry.

We support Fashion Revolution, a not-for-profit global movement with teams in 79 countries around the world and their mission to focus on transparency within the fashion supply chain. Just like Fashion Revolution, we believe every consumer should have the right to ask "Who made my clothes?". Yes, we care about looking good and feeling good, but want to go beyond that by doing good and caring about the source -- the garment production workers and farmers. So join us while we support this revolution. Don't be afraid to research and ask the retailers and brands that you support questions about your clothes, the workers behind your clothes, and how your clothes affect our environment. 

You can find more information about how you can help below. Also, if you are interested in receiving more educational resources from Fashion Revolution, please click here.

Why do we need a Fashion Revolution?

The Rana Plaza garment factory collapse led to people all over the world asking questions about their clothes. Who made them? Where? With what pay and conditions? With what environmental consequences? What kinds of lives do garment workers live?  Do things have to be like this? Does all of the fashion industry source its clothes from places like the Rana Plaza? What can we do as consumers and as citizens if we don’t like what we find? Read more about why we need a Fashion Revolution here.

The impact of Fashion Revolution

The first Fashion Revolution Day took place on 24 April 2014 to mark the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster. The second Fashion Revolution Day in 2015 was a resounding success with far-reaching results. Every year more people, brands, retailers and producers get involved in more countries. Read more here

Take a look at Fashion Revolution's Pinterest board to see how many educators and their students got involved.

The importance of young people

The clothing industry touches everybody’s lives and is a truly global industry with massive social and environmental impact. Fashion Revolution calls on all of us to be curious about our clothes, the people who made them and the brands and retailers who can make things better.

Young people are an important market for the clothing industry, as active consumers today and consumers and employees of the future. Many of us have lost the connection between the clothes we wear and the people who make them. Brands and retailers should be telling us more about the people in their supply chains. Read more here.

Fashion Revolution offers educators a great opportunity to explore with their students the many issues within the industry: such as globalisation, workers’ rights, supply chain transparency, material sourcing, global citizenship, sustainable development and ethical business practices.

For Educators – Free Educational Resources

Fashion Revolution has free educational resources appropriate to every academic level, with ideas of how you and your students can get involved. Design a Fashion Revolution Day poster, play Fashion Revolution's Fashion Ethics Trump Card Game or try their Quiz. Simply register on the form here to gain access to the resources.

For University Students – Become a Student Ambassador for Your University

Fashion Revolution is looking for students in universities across the world to become Fashion Revolution Student Ambassadors so that you can put together a group of students to organise an event for Fashion Revolution Day on 24 April. Simply complete our form here and you will be given access to all the educational resources including How To Be A Fashion Revolution Student Ambassador.


Thank you for joining 9 Months of Chic and Fashion Revolution to make a positive impact and be the change! 


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